Over 10 years' experience in interior & spatial design working in projects in residential, hospitality, retail.
Areas of expertise
  • Furniture placement & space planning
  • Colours
  • Decoration, styling & accessories
  • Concept design to completion
  • Everything interior!
  • Degree in Interior & Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Arts & Design (University of the Arts London)
Custom Quote
Need a custom quote, in-person services, or something that's not on this list?
Why we love Peter
Eddie Opoku
I was very lucky to have Eman from hiiguru. She is not only a fantastic designer but someone who takes the time to get to know you and your tastes. I have been working on remodelling our bathroom and she brought great ideas and touches that matched our taste and would never have thought of. She made it perfect and always listened. Would definitely recommend Eman and the entire hiiguru team.
I had quite a good session with Eman. I got validation on my thinking and she shared a few other ideas I hadn't thought of. I really liked the questions she asked me to guide me to the right solution for me. She was very professional and polite!
Why chat with Peter
Save time & stress
Whether you are doing a refresh, full renovation or more, an expert has the knowledge and experience to guide you through key decisions without needing to dwell.
Avoid expensive mistakes
Our design and build decisions need to last at least a few years, if not longer. The worst thing that can happen is making a choice that you might regret in the future.
Get an expert second opinion
Sometimes we have trouble making a decision, or we get conflicting advice from various parties with different interests. Having an expert on your side can protect you and ensure you make the optimal choice for you.
How to prepare for your session
Tip #1
After you make a booking, you will receive a short Session Prep Form to fill out. The more detail you include, the more value the Guru will be able to add to your session.
Tip #2
Be prepared to show your space over video chat. This allows you to explain your challenge and allows the Guru to dig deeper into what you're looking to achieve.
Tip #3
This is your chance to pick the Guru's brain. So collect as many questions as you can think of relating to your topic, and ask away!